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Sean and Paula – Castle Knock Wedding

From Tralee to Castleknock

If you’ve read my blog recently you’ll know that I covered two weddings for another photographer this year. You can read the article here..

That wedding was on Friday in Tralee and this wedding was the next day in Castleknock. A bit of a drive between the two!

Like with the first wedding, I’d only talked to the couple over the phone as it was all short notice. I was a little nervous as I’d not been to this area of Dublin before, but I need not have worried. The church was so near the Castleknock Hotel that you could walk it! Lovely people, lots of fun and I even knew a few of the guests (small world!).

I have to thank one of the guests who spared me from a bit of embarrassment while walking down the aisle. The couple were doing the customary walk out of the church after the ceremony and I did my usual walking backwards and photographing them. I wasn’t used to the church and the font was in the middle of the aisle near the door! It was covered with candles. Luckily I was stopped just in time by one of the guests. It would have been embarrassing, not to mention a fire hazard! Thanks whoever you are!

Here are some pics. Enjoy..

BrideWedding FlowersBride Getting Ready Castleknock HotelWedding InviteBrides Shoes Left and RightThe Rings- Castleknock Wedding PhotographyThe Groomsmen - Castleknock Hotel WeddingThe Groom - Wedding at CastleknockThe Groom and his SonThe Groom and his MotherBridesmaidsFlower and Bridesmaids Dressesthe Bride Arriving at Castleknock Church Weddingthe Bride Arrivingthe Bride ArrivingBridal Party - CastleknockBride and Groom outside the Castleknock ChurchBrdrk21543-0365Brdrk21543-0373Brdrk21543-0375Brdrk21543-0376Brdrk21543-0379Brdrk21543-0384Brdrk21543-0414Bride and Groom outside the Castleknock ChurchBrdrk21543-0440Brdrk21543-0456Brdrk21543-0521Bridal Party Castle Hotel WeddingBridal Party Castle Hotel WeddingBridal Party Castle Hotel WeddingBrdrk21543-0570Brdrk21543-0582Brdrk21543-0590Brdrk21543-0595Bride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding PhotographyBride and Groom Castleknock Wedding Photography


Eanná and Hazel – Wedding at the Wineport

Balinahown Church, The Wineport Lodge and a Boat in Between

It had been a busy weekend. A wedding on Thursday (at the Wineport), one on Friday at the Hodson Bay and then this one, back at the Wineport. It’s rare that I would do three weddings back to back. Two, yes. Three, rare. But the first wedding on Thursday was for a friend so I kinda had to do it! You can see wedding here

Whereas Thursdays Wineport Wedding was all self-contained. This wedding was a little more traditional involving a Church and Priest. The Church was the fabulous Balinahown Church which is around 20 minutes from the Wineport/Athlone.

This wedding was a bit of a first for me. I was doing video as well as photographs! “What? Video?” I hear you ask? Well before all the video companies start giving out to me for taking their business… I’ll explain…. Hazel had asked if I would stay on and ‘record’ the speeches. At first I didn’t quite know what she wanted but eventually I figured out she wanted me to literally ‘record’ the speeches. The sound, the audio. She just wanted to be able to remember what was said.

So I said yes. I’ve a background in audio/music so it would be no problem but I thought some more and said, “sure I’ll video it too – if it works out then great, if not then you’ll just have the audio”. So I stayed on.. and the video thing worked… and I stayed on till the first dance too.. great craic!

Here are some faves


Bigger gallery of images:






Digital Copies of Portraits Now Available

Digital Copies of Portraits

Up until now I’ve never sold digital copies of my portrait work. I’m take my portrait work very seriously and I spend a LOT of time and effort making sure I do the best portrait work I can. This has meant a lot of training, investment in equipment (not just camera’s!) and finding the best suppliers to enable me to provide a high quality end product. That end product has always been a framed portrait on a wall. I want to work with clients to produce a high quality/last a lifetime portrait.

This effort hopefully shows in my work. Certainly I’ve won multiple awards for my portraits both at home and abroad! The point is I CARE about the work I produce and I CARE about how looks in print. So I want to make sure the printing is the best, the framing is the best. That’s why I’ve never wanted to sell digital copies.

But times are changing. Digital copies of images are now the norm. I have to remember that while I really do care how my portraits will look and how long they will last, customers want to be able to share these images easily and make their own small prints for relatives etc.

So, with a little help from another photographer friend who gave me some sound advice, I’ve decided to sell digital copies of my portraits. I only ask that clients do get at least a regular portrait (framed or unframed) first. Each of the digital images I supply will be edited in the exact same way as I would do for a print/framed portrait. It will be printable.

The great news is that this is not just available for new clients/portrait sessions. It’s available to ANY portrait client and from ANY portrait session I’ve taken!

You can find out more about my Portrait Pricing by clicking the Pricing Button on my blog or clicking here:



Breege and Bob Blindfold Wedding

Blindfolds, Wineport Lodge and a Vintage Look.

This was a civil wedding, held at the fabulous Wineport Lodge. Myself and the wife were actually involved a bit of the preparation even helping to make the invites! Another wedding client of mine (Toni) lent her bouquet (don’t worry, it wasn’t real flowers). All the ideas and twiddly bits (technical term) were begged, borrowed and stolen (well, not stolen – I think). 


Probably the most unusual thing was the ‘first look’. This trend that’s making it’s way from America is a lovely way for the couple to share the start of their wedding day in a personal and intimate way. After much chatting and going through ideas we came up with blindfolds!  Once Breege was ready, we blindfolded them, brought them opposite each other and they took the blindfolds off at the same time! So below is some of the sequence.



Here are a few more of my fave shots before a gallery…




Tralee Ballingarry and a few Cliffs (not the Richard type)

Alan and Deirdre’s Wedding in Tralee

I’m a professional photographer and I’m a member of the Irish Professional Photographers Association (IPPA). One of the great benefits of being an IPPA member is the community of photographers. They can help each other, sometimes at very short notice. This wedding was one of those rare occasions where the photographer who was booked for the wedding needed help. He was due to shoot this wedding and the one the day after. Sadly his Mum was very ill and passed away. He called me to see if I could cover and luckily I didn’t have any weddings that weekend. I had a few portraits but they could easily be re-arranged. So… he sent me all the details, we had a chat on the phone and he called the couples who were very understanding and delighted that he’d already arranged cover without leaving them in the lurch.

It was a bit strange turning up having not met the couple but they could not have been nicer. Everything went to plan and they even braved the winds to go down to the cliffs for a some dramatic shots! The reception after was in the lovely Ballygarry House in Tralee.



Wedding Invite Shoot – Glasson Country House

The Wedding Invites are about to go out. The Bride and Groom used their son, Noah, to advertise it!

I usually do a little ‘practice shoot’ for wedding couples (used to be called Engagement Shoot but no-one does those much any more!). It’s usually a great time for the couple to get some tips on posing/not posing as well as getting used to the camera (and me used to them!). Sometimes though they might use the session to do something a little different. In this case they wanted to get some shots of their Son, Noah, for their invites. So that’s what we did here. A quick trip to Glasson Country House Hotel and blast round on a golf buggy then a few shots. Great fun!

Close up of Wedding Invite SignClose up of Wedding Invite SignClose up of Wedding Invite SignShoot for wedding invites - Glasson RunningShoot for wedding invites - Glasson RunningShoot for wedding invites - Glasson RunningShoot for wedding invites - Glasson RunningShoot for wedding invites - Glasson Golf BuggyShoot for wedding invites - Glasson 18th HoleShoot for wedding invites holding sign - GlassonShoot for wedding invites - Glasson


Niamh and Nigel – Cabra Castle, VW Beetle and Campervan

Vintage VW Wedding at Cabra Castle

This was one of my early 2014 weddings and my second time to photograph this family. The previous wedding was for Julie-Ann and it was where I had an iphone app helping me…


This time thought the reception wasn’t in a spud shed but in the fabulous Cabra Castle.

Lots of vintage details from the dress to the cars. Loved the VW Campervan!!!


A few more images here for ye.